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Backlit Banners are an excellent way to showcase your business name, logo, and/or graphics at night time. The translucent banner material allows light to pass through from the backside, making your graphics come to life at night.

Backlit banners are primarily designed to be utilized at nighttime with a light box. When selecting the double layer option, the banners are printed using a higher density, which results in a darker appearance in the image when non-illuminated. 


Two printing methods are offered for backlit banners:


SINGLE LAYER PRINT: Suggested for using in daytime. Please note that colors will lighten when used with a lighted display box at night. 

DOUBLE LAYER PRINT: Suggested for using at nighttime with proper Light Box. Please note that colors will appear darker in daytime or without lighted display box.


•For Interior/Exterior Use
•Waterproof & UV Safe
•Printed at High Resolution 720 dpi
•Single piece maximum size 10’ x 150’ without pocket; 9.5’ x 150’ with pocket
•Single Sided
•Matte Finish
Upcoming event and need a banner?
We have full banner printing & finishing capabilities with quick turn-around times.  
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