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Simco's 2nd building, circa 1971

Since 1964, a Legacy of

Craftsmanship & Excellence

Simco Sign Studios, Inc. is a family owned company that was started in April 1964, by brothers Peter J. and John C. Lucidi, Sr. Our humble beginnings started out in a 800 square foot store front on Haverford Ave. in Philadelphia, PA. Despite the tiny size, many large signs were made inside of that storefront (sometimes requiring them to be done outside on the sidewalk!). Simco also began creating signage for the theatre industry, servicing the SamEric and Budco theatre chains, as well as the Boyd and Stanley theatres. Within 3 years, Simco outgrew the initial store front and relocated a mere 150 feet away into a much larger two-story warehouse. The added space allowed for creating jumbo photo enlargements, which were now being utilized on theatrical marquees and displays. In addition, Simco was now hand cutting dimensional letters & doing screen printing as well.

The quality of Simco's work started to get noticed and by 1970, our small company was rapidly becoming in high demand. Orders for larger and more complex photographic enlargements were being requested.  Additional Philadelphia area theatres started to specify Simco for their theatrical marquees, displays and signage.


At the same time Simco was being called upon by regional sign companies, needing a reliable wholesale source for dimensional letters and screen printing. With continued growth and on the fast track to success, the company officially became incorporated in 1971. Soon after, it became apparent that the two-story warehouse was unable to keep pace with the surge of new orders. Space was needed and in early 1973, Simco decided to move out of the city into a more modern facility in the suburbs.

Along with the move to a new location, Simco also began converting a large portion of the building to allow for high volume manufacturing of dimensional foam letters & logos. New screen printing equipment was added, including a gas conveyor dryer and large guillotine. With these upgrades and enhanced capabilities, new clients started to come to Simco including Sears, Rite-Aid,  JCPenney, Food Fair (Pantry Pride) and Woolworth's.  By 1979, Simco was manufacturing dimensional letter products and signage for many national accounts, including supermarkets, pharmacies, department stores and retail store chains.

By 1983, artistic theatrical marquees were being phased out, replaced with simpler marquee plastic lettering. Simco decided to redirect its business model to focus more on dimensional letter products. More material choices were offered including mica, mirror & metal laminates. With their 20th anniversary approaching in 1984, Simco was effectively supplying clients nationally and internationally with its letter and logo products. Being a family business, the mid 1980's also saw John's son David C. Lucidi begin his employment as shop help within the company, doing entry level tasks and slowly working his way up the ranks.

In 1990, Simco upgraded to new CNC automated routing equipment. This improvement allowed us to add acrylic, metal, wood, and many other materials to our dimensional product line. Simco also involved itself in a new developing area -- small format digital printing. As the decade progressed, Peter Lucidi stepped down as President and retired, having given over 30 years of dedication, service, and ingenuity to our company. John Sr. took over as company President, while son David (recently graduating college) started working full time, rising to Vice-President in 1999.

During the new millennium, Simco underwent a number of major upgrades and changes. Added were large format digital printing and laminating, new downdraft spray booth, upgraded Akzo-Nobel paint system and custom mixing machine, ability to do ADA signage, enhanced screen printing equipment, and additional CNC machines. These ongoing equipment advancements allowed Simco to continue offering the highest quality products with competitive pricing and quick turn-around times. In 2007, David purchased majority share of Simco, becoming President while John Sr. stayed on as CEO Emeritus. Sadly, John unexpectedly passed away in December 2009, leaving behind a legacy of 45 years of knowledge, dedication, and leadership to our company.

Founders John Lucidi Sr. & Peter Lucidi 
Current CEO/President David C. Lucidi

Reaching a milestone of being in business 60 years, current CEO/President David's foremost and continuing vision is to continue the company's core values and beliefs since 1964:

•To provide the same level of courtesy regardless of order size. 

•To provide respect & consideration for every client's budget.

•To provide every client with exemplary customer service.

•To provide every client uncompromising quality for their investment.


Our attention to detail, controlled supervision, and dedicated staff ensure that quality is maintained throughout every process and product we offer. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you, to manufacture the signage and lettering you desire & envision.

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