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Prior to the invention and use of automated CNC cutting machines, our dimensional letters and logos used to be all cut out by hand. Simco maintained 25 standard fonts for clients to choose from, in sizes ranging from 4" to 30". Each font had to have a template (a master wood pattern used for repeat cutting) for each individual letter of the alphabet. This meant a template had to be made for every size, every upper and lower case letter, numbers, and punctuation in each font. There were also additional templates for various graphics, background panels, and decor items.  Until converting to all CNC machines, Simco had approx. 19,000 'stock' templates, and close to 25,000 additional custom templates for hand cutting!


For non-standard work (custom logos, graphics, alphabets and/or sizes not part of our standard offering) we had to create a new master template for each unique letter/logo. This was a laborious process that involved multiple steps to create the necessary pieces for custom fabrication. Custom Color Graphics also had to be screen printed (with 1 screen for each color), as digitally printed vinyl was yet to be an option. 

With templates in hand, Simco had skilled craftspeople utilizing inverted routers, pin routers, scroll saws, and bandsaws to hand cut our dimensional letter products, depending upon the material.  

Fun fact: Our templates occupied a space equivalent to a 2500 sq. ft. room, and on a good day our crews could hand cut over 1000 letters in one 8 hour shift!
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