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When Simco first opened in April 1964, there were no computers, no sign making programs, no scanners, printers, or vinyl cutters: such devices were inconceivable. Instead, the sign industry was comprised of skilled artists wielding brushes, mahl sticks, airbrushes, and a tray of lettering enamels. Hand lettering and airbrushing were skills achieved only by continuous practice and mastered through repetition. There were no YouTube videos explaining the techniques, and no spellcheck or auto-correct when laying out a sign (dictionaries were a sign man's friend!).

In addition, most sign companies were quite hesitant to take on apprentices and train them in the art of proper brush strokes and font replication. In cases where amateurs were taken under the wing of a skilled lettering artist, demands for perfection and speed were high, as pay was usually negotiated by the job, not by the hour.

Advances in technology have minimized the need and requests for hand lettered signage today. While Simco no longer offers hand lettering, our ability to utilize proper layout, spacing, sizing, and color coordination come from the experience & proficiency of our earliest forms of signage.

Fun fact: The true skill of a lettering artist was measured both in their accuracy/speed, as well as their ability to fix any mistakes (including hand painted misspelled words) without it being noticeable!
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