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When entering a modern cinema complex today, it's not surprising to see at least one (if not several) large theatrical displays advertising movies either currently in theatres, or coming soon. Most of these displays consist of giant, mass produced cardboard printed pop-ups (designed, paid for and supplied by the studios promoting their films). These are made using state-of-the-art technology, quickly manufactured and shipped.


However, before megaplex and multiplex style cinemas existed, most theatres only had 1 or 2 screens. The lobbies were considerably smaller than today's venues, so space was limited for theatrical displays. Additionally, in many cases the theatrical displays were paid for by the actual movie theatre, not the studio. 

Our theatrical displays were used in theatre lobbies and/or over-sized illuminated poster boxes, and were a compliment to the exterior marquees being done. Like our theatrical marquees, Simco had creative freedom when it came to design and execution. Incorporating elements of hand cut letters, hand painting, and hand colored photographic enlargements, each one became an artistic masterpiece when completed.

Fun fact: ALL of the photographs seen here and in our Theatrical Marquees were done on B/W film and hand colored using oil pastels for the skin tones, shading, hair, and clothing!
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