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Acrylic Laminates offer a similar appearance to our Neo-Plex™ material, with the main difference with being there is no 'dome' effect, but rather a greater depth of color with a flat reflection.

Acrylic Laminates start by taking 1/8" thick clear acrylic and spraying the backside any color desired.  The clear subsurface painted acrylic is then laminated to any thickness of Gatorfoam®, PVC, or Acrylic.  This new material can then be utilized for dimensional letters, logos, shapes or background panels.  Excellent for having additional dimension, Acrylic Laminates offer a high gloss reflection with a beautiful depth of color. 


•Interior Use Only
•Tape Mount/Stud Mount  (Gatorfoam tape only) 

•Can have Digital Dimensions™ applied
•Edges painted any color

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