Metalike™ is Simco's branded name for Metal Laminated Acrylic that is specially manufactured to resemble its solid metal counterparts.


Unlike Metal Laminated Gatorfoam/PVC, Metalike™ utilizes special paint on the edges to mimic the effect of how the edge of solid metal looks when cut. With this combination of paint and the ultra smooth edges of cut acrylic, the finished product is virtually indistinguishable from genuine solid metal, but is only a fraction of the cost.


Edges are also available in any painted color if desired to have a contrasting edge color.


Metalike™ is available in 9 standard finishes from Chemetal®.  Additional metal laminates are available by special order, visit Chemetal for a listing of all available finishes. 

Painted Gatorfoam
Painted Gatorfoam

Printed Table Runner (Big Bomber) atop standard Blue Table Throw


Solid Brass Light Oxidized Finish (to resemble Bronze)

Aluminum -- Brushed With Horizontal Grain

Aluminum -- Non-Directional

Aluminum -- Painted

Brass -- Mirror Polished

Brass -- Brushed With Horizontal Grain

Brass -- Non-Directional

Solid Brass Light Oxidized Finish (to resemble Bronze)

Solid Brass Medium Oxidized Finish (to resemble Medium Bronze)

Solid Brass Dark Oxidized Finish (to resemble Dark Bronze)

Copper -- Mirror Polished

Copper -- Brushed With Horizontal Grain

Copper -- Non-Directional

Copper -- Green Patina


•Metalike™ for Interior/Exterior Use  
•Tape Mount
•Stud Mount (on 3/8" & 1/2" depths)
•Edges come standard with metal matching edges, any other painted color also available.
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