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Metal Laminated Gatorfoam & PVC are great alternatives to solid metal, when the sophisticated appearance of solid metal is needed on a lower budget.

These high quality, stylish materials offers lightweight versatility and a wide range of thicknesses (please see Gatorfoam® and PVC pages for information regarding thickness choices).


The physical differences that exist between metal laminated Gatorfoam & PVC is durability. PVC can withstand being repeatedly touched, whereas Gatorfoam (with it's foam core) is more likely to get damaged in areas where the public is apt to touch it. Visually, both look identical when installed.


Metal laminates are available in 9 standard finishes from Chemetal® as shown below. Additional metal laminates are available via special order, visit Chemetal® for a listing of all available finishes.



•Metal laminate for Interior/Exterior Use (Gatorfoam interior only)
•Tape Mount/Stud Mount  (Gatorfoam tape only)
Edges painted any color
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